March 11, 2016

Guest Post for Off the Shelf










Hey hey!  I wrote a review of Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation, book one of this "Southern Reach" trilogy. It's over at Simon & Schuster's Off the Shelf, you're one-stop shop for new and interesting backlist titles. Find your next old favorite today!





Sept. 18, 2014

Girlpants and Gasoline Reviewed by Phi Beta Kappa's Key Reporter

Zucker’s observations hit the mark precisely.…With a sharp I for irony, Girlpants and Gasoline sheds light on our collective (self-)consciousness." - Lily Akerman
Always nice to get a shout from the old club. Even though we never had a meeting. Did you know there's a secret handshake? I'm not even joking. There's a secret handshake. Look it up. Found it? You shouldn't have. If you did, someone squealed.

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